Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode


Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode

  • Electrodes are available in both Pipe in pipe and Strip in Pipe concepts. Electrodes are available in all std combinations and can be made as per customer requirement.
  • Best quality Earth Enhancing compound – Gyroscopic in nature, is used to ensure Zero maintenance. Electrodes are made to take care all fault current surges.

Three types of Electrodes are manufactured by us:

  • Pure Copper earth electrode – In these type of electrode Pure copper pipe is used to construct these. Pipe in pipe technology – In these types of electrodes both outer and inner pipes are made of pure copper. Strip in Pipe – In these type of electrodes outer pipe is strip are of pure copper.
  • Copper bonded earth electrode – In these type of electrodes copper plated pipes are used while strip used is of pure copper.
  • GI Earth Electrode – in these type of electrode Pipe and strips are made of galvanized iron.

Chemical earthing has essentially an edge over conventional earthing as instead of charcoal and salt ground enhancing chemical is poured surrounds the sealed electrode and that chemicals dissipated ions even in dry condition so regular watering is not required in chemical earthing.


  • Low-Impedance Grounding
  • High life.
  • Reliable.
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Longevity

Ramesh Earthing corporation  Electrode Provide Chemical Earthing manufacturer, Chemical Earth Pit, manufacturer chemical earthing with Maintenance free earthing manufacturer play a vital role in saving Human life as well as machines lives.

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